Work with them; you won’t be sorry.

By: dev

We went to DC Home Buzz on a recommendation from a friend, and it was likely one of the best decisions we ever made. We started off by going to their first-time homebuyers workshop. It was free, incredibly informative, and actually gave us the bravery to go ahead and see if we could dip our toe into the DC real estate market. Plus, they gave us free donuts. With bacon. Donuts with bacon. That should tell you already how awesome they are.
We decided to work with Des and Meche. Both live in DC, and both know DC, and those were two very important factors for us when choosing a realtor. They gave us time and space to talk through what we wanted and not once did we feel judged. They offered solid, thorough advice, and we trusted them completely.
Let’s talk about that trust and why we’d recommend these guys to anyone. After going out to look at homes for just ONE WEEKEND, we decided to put an offer on a house. Saw it on a Saturday, offer was due on Monday. I was leaving town for business, and my wife was slammed at work. We had so little time to think about the decision, we were a nervous wreck. But we wanted the house. Des and Meche worked with us to figure out the right offer, and then we let them take over. Literally. They drafted up an offer that we hardly even reviewed and then signed our names to. Des and Meche asked us to trust them, and we did. We got the house. No counter-offer. No negotiations. When it came to the inspection, they helped us decide what we should address and what we needed to do ourselves (they also recommended a phenomenal home inspector). Again, the seller didn’t come back to us with any changes. Des and Meche win again. We ended up buying a house that we never in a million years thought we could afford, in a great transitional neighborhood, and a mortgage (through a lender they also recommended) that cost only $200 more than our one-bedroom apartment rent.
We are incredibly happy with our DC Home Buzz experience, and we will recommend them to ANYONE that is looking for a home. They’re a great group of folks, and they even gave us a baller closing gift. Work with them; you won’t be sorry.