What is Our Process

We provide over-the-top, full-service listing representation, EVEN MORE THAN A ‘TRADITIONAL FIRM’!
We have launched a new way to sell homes. A few years ago we realized the current real estate process could be improved upon. It was too confusing, too expensive and too stressful. So we set out to fix it with an unheard of flat-fee model. Our clients know what to expect up front; it’s simple and transparent. What surprises people most is that even though we charge a flat fee, our service is over-the-top. We’re giving everyone a faster, smarter, better way to sell their home. It’s a real estate journey that’s enjoyable, reasonably priced and positive – from start to finish.

Our clients are intelligent, demanding and financially savvy. They know that real estate can be a tricky industry and they value the leadership and expertise of a trusted professional. We bring an entirely different approach to the table. Our flat-fee model is transparent,fairly priced and simple.